What makes you unique?

This week we will discuss how we are rare, one of a kind, and a peculiar generation. Before we can express our self to the world we must know what makes us different or we’ll fall into the trap of blending in with the crowd. It’s always easier to just follow than lead. However, this group of rare jewels are making a decision to lead by first identifying there gift, talent, niche, or whatever you would like to call it. Secondly, they cultivate and perfect their niche by making it original. Thirdly, they share that gift with everyone they know and don’t know that well (social networking)! You may be reading this and saying “I’m still at step one.”

Ways to identify your rarity:

1. What do you find yourself doing just because?

2. What makes you smile?

3. What is something you would do for free?

4. What is an ultimate goal in life? What steps are you making towards that goal?

Let’s work that thing:

1. Have you found a way to perfect that gift?

2. If so, how are you perfecting that gift?

3. Have you connected with others who have a similar gift?

4. Have you received training or more education in regards to the gift?

Something’s got to give:

1. Make a decision to offer your gift for free.

2. Connect with current friends to spread the word about your gift.

3. Find a mentor or coach (ME) that will inspire and encourage you to move forward!

The thing(s) that makes you unique is also the thing(s) that people will identify you with. For example, if you are always able to volunteer at a particular event when called upon. People may refer to you as dependable. What makes you unique is not always an outward display of a particular skill or talent, but inner qualities as well. Don’t ever consider yourself not to be that great just because you can’t dunk a basketball. You are great because you are YOU! So homework is… j/k! But seriously, identify your rarity, perfect it, and share it with the world (don’t ever limit yourself)!

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, [a peculiar people] a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” 1 Pet. 2:9

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