Faith, Focus, and Follow-through

After identifying who you are the next thing is to make sure you know God’s purpose for your life is fulfilled. I’m not a person who is into a certain number of steps and you’ll be fulfilling your purpose or successful. Each person’s process to fulfilling purpose is different. However, three things that I have discovered and observed with many women and men that have plateau into their purpose is; faith, focus, and follow-through. It is not enough to have one of the 3F’s but essential to obtain all three. (Throughout the blog I will refer to faith, focus and follow-through as the 3F’s.)

I. Faith
Without faith no one can accomplish anything. The following are some questions you should ask yourself to determine where your faith is:
 A. What do I believe in?
 B. Why do I believe in that?
 C. Can I lose my faith?
Whether you believe in God or not faith is what every person has in order to function in this world.  We have faith that our job is secure because we’ve been with the company for years. We have faith that our closest friend will always be there for us. If we have faith in these things that we have all seen become temporal why not put our faith in something, rather some One who is eternal. People who have their faith in God seem to always come out on top! Having faith is easy but maintaining it is where we all get shaky, which takes us to the second F.

II. Focus

This area is where many give up on their purpose, but not you! Obtaining someone’s focus only takes a few seconds, but keeping that focus takes a lot of work and creativity. We all see this with commercials. Commercials grab our attention or focus in seconds, but loses it when key words such as “after mail-in rebate”. A few questions to ask yourself when your focus seems a little:
 A. What is the bigger picture?
 B. Is it worth it to skip the process?
 C. Do I have an accountability partner? If so, is he/she helping me stay focused?

There many ways to help yourself stay focus these are only a few questions to ask yourself when focus is a little dim. Believe me those dim moments will come. When we have trouble focusing or getting motivated its great to have an accountability partner that will not only tell you to get focus but help you do so. Believe it or not certain people may not be suitable for your life at this particular time. If you have a certain group of friends that always want to just hangout and play games, you may want to distant yourself in a nice way in order to maintain your focus.

III. Follow-Through

Without follow-through no one is ever going to accomplish anything. We can have faith and focus but if we don’t follow through with what God has destined for our lives we still don’t come out on top. Some believe if they are a focus person follow-through will happen automatically. Not necessarily. For example, if a basketball team has faith to win a game and focused on doing so, but get complacent in the fourth quarter. What can happen? Yes, they can lose the game because they didn’t follow-through.
Ways to make sure you follow-through:
 A. Don’t ever give up.
 B. Remember your faith.

Be encouraged in whatever 3F you are on and make sure to follow-through on those dreams, visions, purposes, and goals!

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