The Greatest Gift for YOU!

The only way to discover the best you is by knowing the BEST. I’m not referring to a particular television personality or famous athlete. I’m speaking of the One we are (suppose to be) honoring during this season. We truly can not out give the King of kings but we can share Him with others. The best us is only displayed in us reflecting the characteristics of Jesus the Christ (Gal. 6). In order to be your best you must be connected to the BEST! Remember this weekend that Jesus is not a baby in a manager anymore, but the only Son of the only true and living God. The best gift I could ever give you is an invitation to let Jesus be the Savior and Lord of your life.

By displaying the love of Christ to your social network they will want to know what, how, and why you are able to share such a unique love. In turn you can tell them because I received the best gift EVER… JESUS the CHRIST! Everyone have a great Christmas break and make sure to share the best of you with those around you!!

I know this entry was short but so is life… Therefore, I thought it best to just give the only thing that can make your life better… the love of JESUS!

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