The Enemy of Best is…

So your first response is not worst:) just a hint. We often believe if we’re not doing our worst its okay. However, it really isn’t think about certain people who would have given their average ability what we would or would not enjoy today. For example, without Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others sacrifices and efforts to integrate schools, churches, and other public businesses we may still be separated simply because of the color of our skin.

The enemy of best is good. Its good to just remain complacent and accept whatever happens. By receiving everything that comes our way only hinders us to the point of producing the best in us. Once you have experienced the best, good just want do. As we end this year and enter into 2011 let’s make an effort to achieve your best everyday, because good really want do in 2011.

Scripture of the week: Proverbs 31:28 “Many daughters [sons] have done well, but you excel them all.” (emphasis added)


***Due to technical difficulties last week this week I will post two blogs***

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