Define You…

February is a month that we recognize and honor Black history in America. The history of America consists of tragedies, hardships, embarrassments, and victories through it all every American has a connection to the past that will influence his/her future. By knowing your total past one is encouraged and motivated to fulfill all their dreams.

American history is known in its totality in the month of February because large holes in certain history books are missing viable information in regards to African Americans contributions to the development of America. For example, the inventor of the traffic light, Garrett Augustus Morgan (pic below), was an African-American. Like many of my peers we don’t recall learning this in the classroom but rather through black history month events or our parents.

Individuals like Morgan didn’t have the privilege of looking back at historical role models as we do, but he defined how he was going to be remembered. We must always define who we are so that people can’t dictate who we should be.

So, how do you define yourself? There is no one way but I have come up with some ways that could help:

1. Know your history (family and culture)

2. Know what you believe, love, and live for

3. Always be authentic

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do I want to be remembered for? And why?

2. What am I currently known for? (ask your friends/family)

3. How am I going to define myself (Ex. through attitude, writings, speech, physical demeanor, etc)?

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