The New Virginity vs. The Old Virginity

Earlier I watched VH1 News presents: The New Virginity to see what the world is saying about being a virgin. The old virginity was often connected to individuals religious background. In more recent years the virginity decision seems to be a personal preference. Some critics believe its a fad and will fade like other fads. However, this new virginity could be the groundbreaking of a new generational movement. Being a virgin is not so much frowned upon as it was when I was in high school. It was almost shameful or taboo to say you were a virgin. I thought that it was absurd for virginity to be frowned at. Often because of lack of praise the individuals do not maintain his/her abstinence because there is more support, attention, and praise given to those who are having sex.

I am an old virgin living in a new virgin world and find it quite exciting to see how many famous stars are promoting abstinence! Whatever reason you have decided to remain a virgin or practice celibacy I applaud you for doing so. The road is not easy but is definitely worth it! Get busy doing purpose and sex will be the least of your concerns.

The difference between the new virgin and the old virgin is one thing… the physical appearance. The old virgin looked sweet and “homey”, while the new virgin is fashionable and even considered sexy, such as supermodel Adriana Lima.

Being a virgin can be challenging with so many images of sex being used as a marketing tool. However, know you can be sexy, intelligent, rich, and a virgin. One question where are the minority virgins? Speak more on in future blogs.

Pics of current celebrity virgins:

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