Have you violated the honor code?

As many of you have heard by now whether you’re a sports fan, athlete, or news watcher. The controversy surrounding BYU’s Brandon Davies suspension. When the suspension of Davies first came public most people assumed it was probably alcohol or drug violations because who gets suspended for having sex anymore?… Exactly, no one unless you go to BYU.  I attended a university that had an honor code as well it was not greatly enforced especially for athletes.

All the attention Davies is receiving now is not probably what he expected at the beginning of this year’s basketball season. The saying “any publicity is good publicity” may not be exactly what he’s thinking about. So, what would you be publicized for if the tables were turned?

Our plans and expectations are often different than what actually happens in our lives. BYU like other schools who have honor codes make each student sign the codes to insure they are understood and followed. Honor codes can seem like a little sheet of paper that you will sign to stay in a school you have full scholarship to. Who really thinks about the honor code when out for the weekend or hanging out at their dorm?

Now more about you what’s your honor code? Do you have an honor code? Have you violated it? The honor code we all have that is often violated is… The Bible. Upholding to something that we make a commitment to is hard, but not impossible. Unlike, BYU God forgives us and sometimes let’s us continue to play our sport (purpose). Throughout the Bible God gave examples of people who violated “the honor code” and were “suspended” and some indefinitely. BYU is doing the same thing giving an example of no matter who you are we want overlook the violation of the honor code. So are you upholding the honor code?

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