So, where do you fall in the new US sex stats?

I have recently read an article about the new statistics of teens and young adults having less sex. You may say I can’t tell with modern shows like, “Teen Mom” and MTV’s new series “Skins.” However, the truth is often pushed aside because the fictitious is what sells and boosts the ratings.

The statistics aren’t increasingly high but there is a change. Today many teens and young adults are making decisions earlier in life to pursue their dreams and fulfill their goals. Therefore, the changes of less teens and young adults having sex shouldn’t be a surprise.

So where do you fall in the statistics? If you were interviewed would you be in the 28 percent or the 72 percent? Whether you believe in abstinence only or comprehensive sex education they both are making an influence!

Now I’ve made the decision to be with the 28% will you join me! Being the minority is sometime frowned upon or considered a weaker group. However, I disagree because many past and present leaders have come from a minority group. The Bible puts it like this, “…many are called but few are chosen.” (Matt. 20:16) Just for a little encouragement the following are pictures of a “few chosen people” (FYI the last photo is of YOU)

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