The Secret to being in the Sweet Sixteen

As you may have noticed almost every company/organization is doing some form of advertisement that correlates with the NCAA Tournament. Whether you’re a basketball fan, player or spectator March is a month of filling in brackets to see if your proposed team will win it all!

Well, this past weekend in has wrapped up the selection for the sweet sixteen. At this round of the NCAA tournament is a plateau of its own, but after getting there you want to go even further. Unlike the NBA playoffs every game is win or go home! There are teams in the sweet sixteen that were probably not on anyone’s bracket this far into the tournament, such as VCU, Richmond, Marquette, or Florida State.

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So what do these teams have that others may not focus on as much? You guessed it… Well, even if you didn’t I’ll tell you PERSEVERANCE! This is not saying that other teams they may have beaten didn’t have commit to play until the final second of the game, but more so grasping the secret of perseverance. Some teams such as Tennessee just gave up and made no commitment to fight until the end.

How does this relate to you? In life we have to persevere to achieve what we have envisioned. Yesterday I heard a pastor say, “The secret to perseverance is vision.” God is our coach of life and He motivates us, encourages us, and writes out detail “plays” to get us to persevere, but its not the same until we are able to see ourselves accomplishing the goal. One coach mentioned to his team that he had a dream about the outcome of the game the night before, which in turn gave the players the ability to focus on the “vision” the coach, had already seen!

So I challenge you this week to persevere to the vision God has of you! Our vision sometimes gets blurry causing us to forget the vision or never even see it. God is not near-sighted or far-sighted so be assured that even if you can’t see the vision God can so persevere until the end. Envision yourself being whole, healed, having healthy relationships, debt free, and a light in a dark world!

“By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” (Hebrews 11:27 NIV)


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