Are you the type “he” wants to get pregnant?

Now that I have your attention! I recently heard this song entitled “Pregnant” by R. Kelly and no I didn’t purchase the album. I was sitting in my car at a traffic light when the car next to me was blasting the song, “Pregnant”.  I asked my cousin if she had heard it before and she said no. So I did like most Americans… I Googled it!

After reading the lyrics I realized two things immediately:

  1. Where are the true musical writers?
  2. The comparison of a “wife type” vs. a one night stand

I guess in some weird way it is promoting staying with your baby’s mama but not necessarily marrying her… I remember songs like “Wifey” by the group Next (back in 2000) that described (in great detail) the type of woman they desired to marry and getting her pregnant was not one of the lines!

As you know I’m not the one to debate about music often but we must acknowledge that music, like movies, can influence our psyche. We need to be aware of what’s being said and know the affect it has mentally and emotionally that we as listeners will combat with inside after listening to songs such as R. Kelly’s.  I want list a few things that may come to your mind after listening to such a song here are some suggestions:

  1. “Who wants to get me pregnant? Is he cute?”
  2. “Is it simply because of the way my bottom looks in these jeans?”
  3. “Does he love me or just want to get me pregnant?”
  4. “Do I really want to get this woman pregnant?” (guys)
  5. “I want to be committed to her for awhile but not the lifetime of my child.”
  6. “Do I like her or how she can satisfy me?”

Ok so you get the point these type of questions/statements are going on in your head if you process the song. Some of you are like I just want listen to it but we have to think about the future the next generation who are currently listening to it and getting girls pregnant simply because of the way they look. We have young girls wanting to get pregnant by a particular boy because they child will be “cute.” Being an Abstinence Coach I have heard all kinds of things so don’t think they should be smart enough to not do that. Well, let’s just think about how “smart” we were in our teens… exactly! Talk to your children, nieces, nephews, and cousins about songs, television shows, movies, and their perspective of their society.

I leave with these words process everything you hear/see and get married NOT PREGNANT!

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.” (Proverbs 119:37, NIV)


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