Something is to racy for TV?…

Ok so the other day I read an article about the greatly anticipated new video game featuring the number one women’s tennis player, Serena Williams. The game may be for sale but the commercial for it will not be on T.V. I was actually surprised that something was to racy for television!

In a media generation that has same-sex genders kissing on television, AXE commercials, and MTV’s new series “Skins.” Some of these programs or commercials you may have seen or heard of. The fact of the matter is there still a little moral consideration in directors and producers?  I will let you answer that question.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the decision made to not show this commercial on television. Does our society show more sexual explicit commercials of Caucasians? Does our society disapprove of minority women in sexual explicit commercials because of being more full-figured women? Whatever the response, we as a society are really at a crossroads of what we should accept, support, and create that will outline our future.

What imprint do you want to leave for the future? I am making a decision not to leave any confusion for what I expect and want for future generations to know the Truth. Will you join me?

“Let this be written for a future generation, that people not yet created may praise the Lord.” (Psalm 102-:16, NIV)


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2 thoughts on “Something is to racy for TV?…

  1. Yes Rev. Duke I was surprised too…Until I saw the commercial! I was just surprised that they didn’t let it come on television considering the super bowl commercials that were considered “soft-porn” were still able to be shown. I just don’t know…

  2. Hmm. Quite shocked they didn’t air the commercial. Certainly, there have been more explicit commercials out there. I would not even imagine that Serena Williams would do a commercial not fit for tv given her status or even be asked to do so. Interesting that they did not air it, very interesting indeed. Again, one of those things that make you say hmm??!!

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