Does your outlook match your output?

With this being the last day of March the madness may still continue for those who have a particular outlook. Our desire to achieve greater and our ability to actually do that are not the same. If our general attitude is to take life as it comes our output maybe mediocre. An individual’s outlook does not always match his/her output.

I often speak with college age women who have a particular outlook of the man they want to have, but their output is not equivalent by any means. Below is a little chart for you to connect each couple based on three areas: 1. appearance 2. career and 3. finances. I know these are not the only things that bring couples together but usually these are considered first.




Banker                                                                                    Janitor


Professional Athlete                                                            Gardner


Sales associate                                                                      Lawyer



a. $150,000 in credit card debt

b. $0 debt but has no savings

c. $40,000 in school debt

d. $0 debt, $200,000 in savings, and 401k established

e. none of the above

I have only used this explanation but it can be used for the outlook of any situation. We have to make sure our output is equivalent with our outlook before we can become truly successful. The difference between those that fulfill their dreams and dreamers is the action that takes place after the dream. Let your output=your outlook!


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