It’s been a long time since I…

Ok it’s been a long time since what? Throughout this month our blogs have been about spring-cleaning. Taking out the old and making room for the new! Now spring-cleaning is not just your physical home but your spiritual, emotional, and professional life as well. There has been certain things in our lives that we are just realizing is slowing us down or hindering us from seeing, believing or even achieving our dreams/goals.

April is almost over so I’m praying we are halfway through with cleaning out everything or at least started. The goal needs to always be larger than the current situation. We each face and go through problems that make us want to quit moving forward, but we can’t stop! This blog is designed to help everyone identify where they are, accept where they are, and make steps to move forward. The reasons many things are lingering in our emotional and physical closets, because we want acknowledge them and remove them! I know it has been awhile since you actually opened some of those closets, but don’t be afraid and make sure to bring good cleaning products (bleach and the Bible:))! Let’s get to moving!

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