Change is often easier said than done. We make New Year’s resolutions or goals to change our personal, professional, physical and spiritual life to something greater than what it currently is. After about a month those resolutions are un-resolved and those goals seem unreachable.

Now about six months later in the springtime we recall or become motivated to pursue those goals again. This mainly because of the nice weather and longer days, either way the fire is re-kindled and we are ready to move forward. However, after strategically laying out our plans we begin to see that they are more challenging than expected.

Often times the changes we want to implement are necessities to the furthering of our lives physically, mentally and spiritually. Eating Krispy Kreme everyday is not going to add to your life but rather decrease your physically life expectancy. On the other hand, holding on to emotional hurt is not going to have you mentally prepared to move forward with your goals because of what happened the last time. Praying only in emergency or selfish situations is not going to make your relationship with God any better than its current state.

These changes seem small and easy to achieve but after calculating the distractions of the world these changes are more challenging.  Change isn’t impossible but a necessity!

I leave you tonight with this quote from Pamela Lawthorne, “Becoming successful in anything – professional or personal requires the same thing: the decision to make a change.”

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