Because I’m a Christian…

Because I’m a Christian…

I don’t smoke/drink

I don’t fight

I don’t curse/cuss

I don’t fornicate

I don’t ____________________ (fill in the blank).

I’ve often heard some friends of mine say they don’t do a certain thing because they’re a Christian, but in turn do something else that doesn’t bring glory to God’s name either. I recently saw an episode of the well-known choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson show, the Dance Scene. The episode I saw was of Laurie Ann’s dancers performing at a fashion show. There was a little confusion about the dancers rehearsal and the runway. The short of it is the event planner became a little ‘snappy’ with Laurie Ann, in turn Laurie Ann told her to calm down and instructed her team to go outside. At this time Laurie Ann made statements of going off on the event planner and calling her names that I want repeat but I think you understand… After all of that Laurie Ann said she didn’t do anything because she is “saved”. My first thought was she must not be saved from cursing, yet?!

Is being a Christian about a do & not to do list or relationship?

It all depends on the individual. As a Christian we are supposed to behave differently because of the love and relationship we have with the Lord! For example, don’t just not have sex before marriage because someone has told you not to. Don’t have sex because out of your relationship with God you don’t want to hinder that relationship in anyway.

Moving into the month of May let’s make our life decisions and lifestyle be based from the relationship we have with our Lord. Please note your lifestyle is only a reflection of how serious your relationship with God is.

Are you in a true relationship with God?

Does your life scream JESUS out loud?

Scripture of the day: “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matt. 7:20 NIV)

Also Read John 15:1-8

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2 thoughts on “Because I’m a Christian…

  1. Traci on said:

    Motha Easley! Great post, I hear the heart of what you are saying. I do have some comments since I’m in the TV field LOL. Because reality TV frustrates me sometimes!

    First I want to say that I’m so glad that God looks at our hearts ultimately. Because I will confess that as a christian, who loves God and tries to do my best to please Him I have cussed and have had to ask Him to forgive me. In fact I have cussed recently and asked Him to forgive me. (most of the time this happens in the car during road rage which God is helping me to overcome). And I am actively working on being free from anger and conquering it so that words don’t come out of my mouth that displease Him. Now if there was a camera on me 24 hours a day and caught that 1 second shot of my cuss word and aired that, but didn’t air me repenting to God and didn’t air me praying and couldn’t see into my heart and see that everyday I am sincerely trying to do everything I can to get close to God and be totally free from road rage to be pleasing to Him then someone, based on that 1 second shot, could think that I am not “saved.” Now I don’t know Laurieann personally and the only person that knows her heart truly is God, but I will say that I am working on a show that she is on that will be airing on BET in August and TV frustrates me sometimes because it has a way of showing what it wants to show, just like the news. I was just telling a friend the other day that I don’t like her show on E! because the way it portrays her is so negative and not all of who she is. While we are editing the show that I’m working on now we see ALL the footage and I mean all…lol..hours…and on this show, we have scenes of Laurie ann praying for the girls, in Jesus name before every elimination, telling her testimony about how God has brought her through dark places and telling the girls that if they don’t know God that they should seek Him. Now will any of this make the air? Probably not (although of course I have been praying that any scenes that glorify God make it). And again I don’t know Laurieann personally so I can’t speak of her life, and I’m not God so I can’t judge her, but all I know is that on this show she gives glory to God, she loves the girls, and even the story editors on this show have been blessed by some of the prayers and things she has said so it just bothers me when a TV show comes out and takes over 100 hours worth of footage, cuts in down to 30 minutes and all America gets to see is a seen where she messes up and then says she’s “saved.” Of course this is why I am pursuing my purpose in TV so that I can be in a position that gets to determine what gets aired and what gets cut out, but I see how things get cut out and its unfortunate. And again I want to make sure I hit home the fact that I do not know Laurieann personally, I don’t know her life when the cameras are off and only God truly knows her heart but I can speak on what I have seen her do and say on the show that I’m working on and they have been positive. But I also know that as believers we have a responsibility to represent Christ in a way that is pleasing to God so I’m not condoning anything she said on the Dance Scene (I actually haven’t seen that episode you are referring to either)

    I know this post is super long (lol) but I guess I’m just venting my frustrated on the way that reality shows are edited and how you don’t see the entire picture. What you see in a 30 minute reality TV show, is what has been edited out of hours of footage. So they air what they want to air with the slant that they want to have on it. So there may be a lot of bad and a lot of good but they have a choice of which one to show. Anyways I pray for Laurieann often and I hope that she truly does know Jesus because we all need Him. OK, sorry for the long post Motha Easley but that one hit home for me…LOL!

    • Hey Traci thanks for the feedback!! I think LaurieAnn is great and you know I love anything with dance:) I was just using her as an example. Your right only God knows the heart. My point was that as our relationship enhances with God their will be changes and we will notice when obstacles, challenges, or tough decisions happen. Thanks again for the comment:)

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