“Let’s talk about sex, Baby!”

This month the focus will be on, SEX. Yes, you didn’t mis-read I said sex. We often want to have “the talk” with our children at a certain age, but we don’t want to have conversations regarding the topic of sex. Research done by James Houston in the documentary, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, confronts the attitudes toward sex and sexuality in America versus Europe when it comes to adolescents and young adults.

The 1991 hit of “Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt ‘n Pepa was an American controversial hit song. However, the song was successfully a #1 hit various countries, such as, Australia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

The songs video didn’t really display the meaning of the words. The song was in an effort to make America realize what was and is often not spoken about, sex. If so many people supposedly are sexually active why is it still a taboo topic?

The more education and discussions we have about sex our future generations are more prepared and not so desperate for the unknown. Sex is a result of two areas: intimacy and desires. When individuals are intimately connected the sex is only an expression of their level of intimacy. On the other hand, for most young people their sexual desire is just overtaken by their hormones.

In the words of Salt ‘n Pepa, “Don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, Cuz that ain’t gonna stop it” The great thing about the song was that it brought the topic of sex to actually be discussed. The key word in this song is, talk! If we don’t open our mouth until its too late and we’re trying to intervene versus prevent.

So, how often do you discuss the topic of sex with family, friends, or your significant other?

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Not Everyone is Having Sex

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