Are you really in “love”?

In my line of work I’m always discussing relationships, love, and sex. Whether an individual loves him or her depends if they should take their relationship to the “next level.” Now if love is patient shouldn’t there be some reasonable amount of time before becoming physically intimate with this individual. By time I mean courting to marriage counseling to marriage. If we just did this process correct we would truly be in love, instead of what I like to call “artificial love”.









There are numerous books, conferences, movies, and television shows that the gist of the outline are relationships. From the relationship with your supervisor to the relationship with your best friend, relationships are essential to how we display and interpret love. Due to the fact that most people are not in love with their supervisor the kind of respect, patience, long-suffering, or such is not given the same, as it would be to a close friend or family member.

Is it necessary to be in love with someone before having sex with him/her?

Now, you know my response! But seriously how many of you have had sex with someone that afterwards you really didn’t even like them. Yes you should love the person you are having sex with because you should be married to them… On the other hand, some individuals are just falling in and out love to quickly and therefore having sex frequently with individuals that don’t love them.

Does love really love me?

Females are more emotional than males and we tend to identify love solely on the way we “feel” instead of measuring what love should look, feel, and be like. Knowing if you are really in love takes sometime. However, I want to help you speed that process up by having a small measurement of what love is to you. Below is a general sample but varies for everyone. Some individuals believe love is displayed through level of material things while others prefer handwritten sentiments.

Are they patient with me?                                            1   2    3     4     5

Are they kind?                                                                 1   2     3     4     5

Have they stated they love me?                                   1   2     3     4     5

Are they envious of me?                                                1   2     3     4     5

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