Contraceptives and the Church

Sexual contraceptives or at least the knowledge of them appear to decrease the percentage of teen and unplanned pregnancy. However, it does not appear that beneficial when it comes to STDs, HIV, and AIDS, the rise of these three diseases are increasing in spite of advance technology and scientific developments. The current campaign of “Keep a child Alive” AIDS being led by spokesperson and co-founder, Alicia Keys, are making the most awareness since Magic Johnson lounged “Stand with Magic. ”

Instead of intervention, whatever happened to prevention? Just say no! Ok you’re right it’s not that easy when it comes to sex especially if you’re in a relationship with that person or highly respect that individual.

So, how can the church change these statistics? By having an influential voice!

The church has been a place for people to receive healing, encouragement, financial support, deliverance, and freedom for centuries. On the other hand the church has also been a place of secrets, manipulation, and abuse. You may be asking yourself, “How is that possible?” Its quite simple when flesh tries to control that, which is spiritual, it fails. The church has failed this generation by being silent about things that are affecting and hurting our generation. When it comes to sex the church has taught what the Bible says, “wait until marriage” (). Unfortunately, living what we preached wasn’t always held in high regard. Therefore, leading to destructive actions that in turn destroy or hinder people’s walk with God and relationship with the church.

Young people and young adults need to know how to truly walk out this abstinence/celibacy lifestyle.

So, should teens (13-19) be taught about condoms, birth control, and female condoms in church? I say yes. Don’t lose me now:) Not in promotion of using these contraceptives, but letting the teens be knowledgeable when they are talking with their peers about sex. We all know they are talking about sex and often! We have to develop our children to be leaders rather than followers. Teens follow the peers that are more knowledgeable about the topic. Telling a teen not to do something without a detailed “why not” attached just makes the teen more intrigued about that thing.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in total abstinence before marriage and there is no need for contraceptives. However, I believe it is essential that our “church” teens are not naive or uneducated when it comes to sex.

Scripture: “…and how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:14 (NIV)

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