I’m running out of time…

We all want our days to be ideal; fulfilling, effective use of our time, and a little relaxing moment. However, who actually gets these types of days?… those who plan for them. Yes, it is that simple. Individuals who thoroughly plan their days and even schedule for “hic-ups” or unexpected time changes. The problem probably lies more so in the way we plan our days and how we follow that plan.

Yes, every day seems to have some unexpected events but its possible to get all the things scheduled done. For example, are you tired of going to bed at night and feeling that everything for tomorrow is okay? Only to find out the next morning that all the work you completed has been lost on your computer during the thunderstorm the night before. Who’s to blame? Mother Nature or yours because you should have unplugged and probably shut down your computer? Whose to blame it doesn’t matter?

Ok so, I hear you… “Yes, Delisha I know all about those days but how do I get to more effective days?!”

The process is not as griming as you think but definitely possible! The first thing to know is that every daily plan is not going to last forever. As your life changes your schedule changes as well, which is expected but how you plan for that expectation determines the accomplishment of an effective schedule.

The following are a few steps to help with the plan

  1. Get a basic routine & weekly/daily to do list, which nowadays can be assisted by electronic calendars such as ical, tungle.me, cell phones, etc.
  2. Make your to do list the night before and include timeframe for each task. For example, washing your car is a task put a time frame of about two hours if you’re hand washing or 30-45 minutes if you’re letting someone else wash it.
  3. Don’t over do it. It’s best to list about 6 tasks and if allotted time you can complete other things on your weekly to do list.

So, this week our challenge will be to get time in order to make time!

Scripture: “There is a time for everything…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)

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