Never say Never!

Greetings on this Terrific Thursday!

As we approach the weekend I want to remind everyone to NOT quit on those seemingly impossible dreams. Even though it’s the beginning of the year we are all still quite motivated to accomplish those goals! However, sometimes it does get tough and it will seem impossible.

Are you tired of hearing these comments?

“Why don’t you try something easier?”

“Maybe you should wait until you have more money or some money.”

“You know everyone is not destined to be famous.”

Some of these people mean well…I think. Trying something easier, waiting for money, or simply trying to be famous isn’t what you were created for. If so, you would not be the individual holding this exceptionally creative, cutting edge, and original vision within you.

The lives of winners are similar to the mission impossible movies. “Regular” agents can handle regular missions, but when an impossible mission needs to be taken care of the agency calls on, the character Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). Consider yourself to be Ethan and you have a team of qualified individuals that God will send to help you complete this mission!

In this short blog I have enclosed a video of Justin Beiber’s hit song “Never Say Never.” Don’t quit because you are a WINNER!

Scripture: “Send reinforcements from Holy Hill, dispatch from Zion fresh supplies” (Psalms 20:2, MSG)

Call to Action: Complete a mission that the naysayers told you were impossible!

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