Are you making a difference?

In order to make a difference we have to be different. We have to think outside of the usual mindset of “go with the flow.” When you are making a decision to produce something that makes a difference it’s going to be life changing for you as well as those receiving this gift. For example, Steve Jobs as many know was quite “different” than other engineers but he made a difference like no one else has with computers as the Apple products display. Instead of focusing on what everyone else in the industry was doing Jobs perfected the PC into a cell phone. Jobs didn’t compete with Microsoft he exceeded them. The idea of making a difference is not about trying to reinvent the wheel but perfect your niche so much that it stands out among your competitors.

How are you making a difference?

Making a difference doesn’t require you to have a special talent, but just an individual who is ready to see change among its peers or the next generation. So consider today how you’re going to make a difference within your circle of influence.

You don’t necessarily need money, a degree, or a large platform. You just need a passion, consistency, and boldness to take on a task to make a difference.

At the beginning of the year there is often conversations, sermons, and blogs about what YOU are going to do in the New Year. However, you’ve had 30 days to get YOU in order now go make a difference! When you focus on your vision, goals, and problems your world becomes very small quickly. Take a look at the picture below the world is HUGE!

Scripture: “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” (Jude 1:22, KJV)

Call to Action: Make a difference today by doing something that will help someone else accomplish his or her goals.

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