A Living Legend: Dr. Teresa Hairston

While preparing my blogs for this month I wanted to address so many topics. However, my main focus was honoring my black culture and history by paying my respects to legends in their own right. As I begin to research various individuals I wanted to write about or who have made an impact on my life I thought about individuals who are still very much aliveJ. We often wait until someone has transitioned from earth to give them the proper acknowledgements or honor deserved. The individual I would like to honor today I have come to know both personally and professionally. She has carried many titles in her few years on this earth but has impacted the lives of thousands.

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Who is she? Dr. Teresa Hairston

What does she do? Everything 🙂

I don’t want to give a biographical overview of Dr. Hairston’s life but I do want you to know why she is a legend. In her book, “How to Pursue your Purpose” Hairston gives details about how she established a publishing company as a single mother of three and with only $300. Dr. Hairston began her career as a servant in the Gospel industry but never gave up on her dreams/purpose.

She never lost that servants heart, which in turn gave her favor throughout her 25 years of publishing the #1 American Christian Lifestyle magazine, Gospel Today (include link). As founder of Gospel Today magazine she has given a “voice” unlike any other publication to the Gospel industry. There was no magazine like this at it’s conception and over the years it has lead the way in Gospel publications. Dr. Hairston has recently passed the torch to her eldest child, Roland Hairston.

Dr. Hairston is also Elder Teresa Hairston she was ordained recently in March 2011; this ordination only confirmed the gift God had placed in her years ago. She has ministered across the world and mentored hundreds for years. You can actually hear her minister live next week in Jacksonville, FL at her annual Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Conference (see details below).

Dr. Teresa Hairston has been a friend, mentor and even “acting” mother at times (lol)! On this Tuesday, February 7, 2012 as I celebrate Dr. Teresa Hairston’s birth I want to honor my mentor publicly for saying yes to the plan of God for her life and never giving up. You may never know how many lives you have touched, but I want to let you know you have touched mine. The song below describes the legacy you have left in the Gospel publication.

Have a blessed _­40something (:))___ BIRTHDAY!!!

Scripture: “honor and look up to people like that: companions and workers who show us how to do it, giving us something to aspire to.” (1 Cor. 16:16, MSG)

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