Giants have Won: So what does that have to do with you?

One of America’s favorite sports greatest days was televised worldwide. The battle between to rivalry teams, New England Patriots versus the New York Giants began. As I watched the second half of the game I begin to see the “battle” unfold. These were two great defensive teams and as athletes know, “defense wins games and offense sells tickets!”

The score was 10-9 Patriots but I knew the Giants would win, well at least I hoped soJ.  As I was watching the third and fourth quarter unfold I thought about how we could be the “giants” in our own lives. Obstacles that seem like giants instead of being the giant that makes everything that we face seem smaller often overcome us.

Giants are persons of exceptional talent or qualities. The New York Giants displayed this quite well by keeping their focus on the goal of winning. We too can become giants in our fields by perfecting our niches. Do you have an outstanding talent? Many of us answer no but we have something called a drive that makes us become exceptional at something we may be average at right now.

Today I want to encourage you to become more than passionate about your niche but rather an GIANT in your field! It is easy to be average but it takes work to become an exceptional writer, singer, speaker, or _______________ (fill in the blank). Find out how to become exceptional and make every effort to do just. You can start by wanting it more…

Call to Action: Today write a plan to become a Giant in your field and make the first step to doing just that.

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