The Power of Saying YES to God!

Today is a great day not for us to celebrate a great woman! I found out recently that I actually share the same birthday with a woman. I have admired and wish to have met her before she transitioned to heaven. She wasn’t a famous model, singer, or athlete, but rather an exceptional woman of GOD. Who is she? Mother Estella Boyd. Just to give you a brief history Mother Boyd was a woman of prayer and power. Many testified that when she laid hands on you the closest word to describe the power was as an “ electric shot.” When she came to a church service people often received “shots” that literally changed their lives forever. Mother Boyd imparted the same gift to many she mentored, most notably the “Daughters of Zion” which consisted of various women she personally mentored also known as their spiritual mother. Individuals were healed, delivered, and gave their lives over to Christ in every meeting she ministered. Mother Boyd emphasized the necessity of saying YES to the Lord because she knew from personal experience that a true YES will lead you to what God has promised. It took Mother Boyd an entire year of suffering from a brain tumor before she said YES to the call. Please note the focus is not on her, as much as it is the power of God that can flow through an individual who is totally surrendered to God’s will.

It has literally taken me a week to write this post because every time I tried to find words that could effectively describe the power of the Holy Spirit there wasn’t any. In turn I have left words to rest… Please watch video to know what I’m talking about.

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