From the Inside Out!


Where does change derive from? How do we embrace change? Do we ever “arrive”?

These are questions I have asked myself at various times in my life. Every major change that I have ever experienced derived from drastic situations that forced me to change or embrace the changes around me. What I have learned from each situation is that change begins and ends with ME. No one or nothing can encourage or force me to become someone that I’m not destined to be, but they can have an influence. In a leadership course we learned that the leader who has the most influence is the one with the true power. If we think about it those who we admire us or who had a great impact in our life, had a great influence on us.

As far as “arriving” I don’t know what that means. There is no place or level we get to as individuals that makes us exempt from problems in the world or life itself. I believe that we “arrive” when we have transitioned from this world to eternal life.

In 2013 will you join me in making changes in our family, community, and world by first changing from the inside out! Say this out loud, “It starts with ME!”

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