Embrace YOUR Destiny!


The first step to embracing destiny is by not working someone else’s vision/dream. Ask yourself these questions:
1. What am I here for?
2. What more can I do?
3. Why haven’t I embraced my destiny?

As many of you know I’m ALL about fulfilling purpose in the NOW! I was blessed to have parents that not only told me to dream but supported me in making those dreams a reality. Dreaming and fulfilling destiny are two different things. Dreams are derived from something we want to do either consciously or subconsciously. Destiny is something no matter what you try to do the outcome of that thing will be fulfilled.

When I read the above picture I was encouraged to move forward in what I have been destined to do. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet a goal and make valuable connections, but one main thing caused me not to commit it was the fact that it hindered my destiny. We must look out for destiny distractions! Distractions are not obvious negative things to your life spiritually, physically, or mentally but rather people, things or opportunities that hold you back from fulfilling destiny in time. I could go in depth on the kairos moments but lets just say you really do NOT have all day to complete a task connected with your destiny. I am inviting you to join me on this destiny journey! It will be challenging, exciting, nerve racking, and most importantly fulfilling because it is what you were created for.

As I close let’s embrace destiny and MOVE FORWARD!

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