Where do I go from here?

Hello to all! Yea I already know but as I fulfill purpose I have to remember to not lose focus on you all:-) I am grateful for all your support!

Today, as I met with one of my “little sisters”, which you may call mentees I realized that there is a lot more left in ME to deposit.  The question I asked myself after such an empowering three hour conversation. “Where do I go from here?” My mind was silent my hear was going fast but it took almost another two hours to get still enough to analyze what transpired. I’m not sure if you’ve had this experience but where someone else’s mission makes your vision aka “baby’ leap. Well, I must say it is rare. After the conversation I went to my 2014 vision board and begin to see from a different perspective how so much of 2014 goals align with this one vision of Rare Jewel, Inc. Timing is everything but it is always encouraging to know you are headed in the right direction.

Stay encouraged Rare Jewels! With the remaining few days of 2013 make a strategic plan on “where you will go from here”. Be a trendsetter in 2014 and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!

Love y’all!



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